Taylannas Taps SFTG Associates for SpeechMed Go-to-Market Launch

Taylannas LLC, a five-year-old Florida-based engineering and service company, has enlisted consulting firm SFTG Associates for fundraising and go-to-market development for its patent pending medical system, SpeechMed.

Medical Mobile Multi-Lingual SpeechMed Monitors Home Care Patient Compliance

SFTG Associates is assisting Taylannas in creating a business plan and raising funds for Taylannas’ latest product, SpeechMED. The SpeechMED System is the only multi-lingual interactive mobile personalized Medical Information System available today. SpeechMed is also the only Medical Information System that automatically monitors and communicates patient compliance or non-compliance on all critical home care activities. Taylannas has a patent pending on the system.

Taylannas Inc., founded by Susan Perry and Richard Herbst, manufactures a portable hand-held patented audio system and cloud-based software that has been adapted for four industries including tourism, restaurants, law enforcement and healthcare.