Leadership Development in Nonprofit Boards

We work with nonprofit Boards for leadership development to better align board members with their organization’s mission and to better engage members in fund raising and true leadership of the organization.   Our firm has been engaged to facilitate board and committee meetings and retained for conflict resolution assignments. We have also conducted executive coaching services to nonprofits.  S.F.T.G. Associates has over 25 years of experience in staffing and career coaching to employees in both nonprofit and for-profit entities.

Our organization believes whether you’re leading yourself, others, teams, organizations or communities, there are certain skills that you need to have. Certainly, there’s a wide variety of perspectives on which skills to have, but most people would probably believe the following are necessary.

  • Decision Making, identifying and setting a clear course of action
  • Planning, the ability to establish goals and understanding how they will be reached
  • Superior Problem Solving, the capability of analyzing multiple alternatives and selecting the best course of action
  • Moral, Ethical and Social responsible actions, the ability to choose and do the right course of action in any situation
  • Creativity and Innovation, consistently thinking out of the box to solve a problem or to take advantage of an opportunity
  • Visualizing the “Big Picture” within the context of what is best for the long term health of your organization.   

Our goal through leadership development is to educate the existing leaders of the organization with time tested processes and ideas that will crystalize their role in the organization and how the existing experiences and expertise of the leadership team can be used to create superior results.