Community Engagement

 Superior Community Engagement is achieved when you have a clearly defined message and vision that can be articulated and communicated in a meaningful way to the organizations intended recipients. Our Community Engagement program focuses on the following activities.  As in all of our programs we focus on maximizing existing resources and minimizing future expenditures when possible.

  • Our consultants  review all current marketing material, communication processes and programs for the last 6 months.
    • We create an inventory of Community assets and tools to maximize your existing message
  • We arrange group and individual interviews with all internal and external communication and marketing personnel
    • Community needs will be ascertained based on information from key employees, board members and successful past programs
  • An assessment wil be made of existing collaborative efforts and successes/failures
  • An action plan will be created for enhancing coordination and collaboration with Community partners
    • A process will be created for collaborating with Community partners
    • Partnership agreements will be created
    • Presentation templates will be created for Community presentations
  • A plan to develop new strategic partners will be created