Board Governance

We guide nonprofit and private Boards of Directors to improve their governance systems, structures, committees, and processes using proven education and development services.  Our consultants specialize in facilitating governance sessions and conducting complete governance reviews with the goal of increasing the effectiveness, accountability and transparency of the Board.   S.F.T.G. consulting services are specially designed to the specific needs of the board, and are based on universal governance principles. We always begin with a thorough analysis of a Board’s current governance systems and culture.  

Our vision of Board Governance focuses on the Board’s activities to oversee the purpose, plans and policies of your organization. These activities include but are not limited to establishing your organizations overall plans and policies, supervision of the CEO or Executive director, ensuring sufficient resources for the organization, ensuring compliance to state and federal rules and regulations, representing the organization to external stakeholders, etc.  

Our Board Governance education, training and deployment are customized to the nature of your Board’s operations. The type and detail of the governance your board will follow depends on a variety of factors, including explicit or implicit use of any particular Board model, the desired degree of formality among Board members and the life-stage of the Board and organization.  

Our Goal is to maximize the existing resources and culture of the Board and the organization utilizing these assets as the foundation of a comprehensive Board Governance program